The design of the Danish Fashion house SAND is driven by passion, creativity and innovation. What started in the 80’s, until today grew into an international fashion brand. Cool Scandinavian silhouettes combined with southern European charm to maintain its provocative, sophisticated focus – SAND creates clothes for the way world citizens think, work and live.

„Our inspiration is to create favourite pieces of clothes, that you can practically move into, are easy to live with and hard to get rid of. The different parts are relaxed and comfort- able, but at the same time they ooze of karma”, says Creative Director Soren Sand.

The overall philosophy behind the collection of SAND – whether it be for Men or Women – is a fine balance between the neo-classic and sophisticated up against the twisted and the quirky.

Lene and Soren Sand – the creative duo – first met in High School and driven by a passion for fashion they opened up their first little fashion store in their hometown of Randers, Denmark, in the 80’s. „We noticed that the garments literally flew out of the door”, Soren remembers – the collection and sales grew, and today SAND is represented in 32 countries, on 6 continents, at 1,200 customers.

SAND is a lifestyle concept, and their costumers appreciate fashion that is balanced between fabrics and fittings, style and comfort. “We are not just a fashion company making clothes. There are a lot of thoughts and actions behind the collections, which reflect world citizens for whom they are designed”, says Soren.

Each collection is divided into different lines: For Men, SAND presents the refined Red Carpet., the formal Black Label and the innovative and preppy Pink Label. For Women, SAND offers the two lines: Black Label, a contem- porary fashion with a feminine, sensual expression, and Pink Label – preppy heritage.

The collections are complemented by an accessories collection, including leather goods and shoes.

The passion for Italian fabrics, tailored details and perfect cuts in every item of the collections and a deep dedication to art, manifesting in the almost sculpturual silhouettes in the design, enables the SAND cus-tomer’s own individual experience of touching and wearing SAND products, and discovering their value.

Both Soren and Lene Sand are deeply involved in all aspects of SAND, from the design to marketing. SAND is known for conducting spectacular fashion shows. Models have included Nadia Auermann, Jerry Hall, Sophie Dahl, Alek Wek, Frankie Raydar, Louise P, Matt Duffy, Julien Hedquist, Matthew Avedon, Ivan, and Christian Monzon.

SAND’s remarkable campaigns include the work of legend- ary photographer Helmut Newton, in addition to the top models named above. Another campaign was shot by famous rock singer Bryan Adams.

Also celebrities appreciate the fashion of SAND, for example Duran Duran and Paris Hilton, among others.